Men's Long Johns - Long Underwear - Heavy Weight Wool

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Men's Long Johns - Long Underwear - Heavy Weight Wool

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Around since the gold rush, this heavy rib knit wool garment is blended for absorbent comfort, warmth and longer wear. A popular choice for fishing, logging and mining. Long features a double seat for additional warmth, and leg gussets for proper fit. Made in Canada.

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  • Disappointed
    I was very pleased with the weight of the fabric, but that’s where it ends. For an 80/20 blend I would expect it to be less coarse. After wearing the pants one time, the seam near the rear end completely split. I’m not a huge guy, and I was not over stretching the garment, so this was a big surprise. I tried to stitch it up myself, but as I am not a tailor, I imagine it will not hold for long. Typically, I would have sent it back for a refund, but since I live in Michigan, the shipping cost just isn’t worth it. I hope this is not the standard to which all Stanfield’s products are held.

    - Brandon, we’re so sorry that you have experienced a product that doesn’t live up to our high standards of craftsmanship and quality. Every piece of product is inspected before we ship so something must have slipped through. Please send us your specific information to and we will make things right. - Sincerely Stanfields Customer Service team.
    Reviewed by Brandon on 12/22/2018
  • The best anywhere
    My husband has worn Stanfield’s for 40 years and passed on an old pair to my son who has just worn them out after 10 years. The heavyweight wool ones are hard to find in retail stores and this is a gift for my son for Christmas. He is going to be very happy that I have finally found these.
    Reviewed by Longjane on 12/19/2018
  • Fantastic
    Love the heavyweight wool long underwear. True to size and something I swap out for my one-piece wooly to sit around the house on winter evenings.
    Reviewed by Scotty on 11/22/2018
  • Good
    I think they’ll be itchy, and there was a small hole along the seam in the crotch that a friend sowed up, but they look like they will be very warm and in a world of man made fuzzy crap these are great.
    Reviewed by Pl on 11/19/2018
  • WARM
    Even though it is truly warm, it does not stop me from having it on in fall (above 5 C) camping. I also use it for back-country on cold days. I am not sure why many waste money on ice-breaker and other such brands.
    Reviewed by Moe on 11/12/2018
  • Waaaaaarm
    Excellent for cold long term winter work.
    Reviewed by Mark on 9/20/2018

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