Men's Long Underwear - Superwash Wool

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Men's Long Underwear - Superwash Wool

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Superwash wool long underwear are made with a 1x1 rib fabric that uses unique yarns to create a comfortable and warm wool garment. Nylon has been added to improve the durability. These long johns feature a double seat for warmth, reinforced cuffs with spandex for comfort and shape retention, leg gussets give thighs extra room for a proper fit, and our plush back signature elastic waistband. Wool blend long johns: 90% superwash wool/10% nylon

Made in Canada.

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  • Best Buy out there
    Tried the others, standfields are still the best and at a good price. And made on Canada where we know about the cold.
    Reviewed by Hunter on 2/8/2019
  • Long johns
    Very nice long johns. I found the cuffs where my feet come through a little tight, but not restrictive. Would like a colour choice, like black or blue. Wore through the first snow storm of the year today, and was very warm and comfy. Would buy again, better than MEC long johns in my opinion. I work outdoors on an open car deck, so good long underwear is a must.
    Reviewed by JPM on 1/9/2019
  • Functional and warm when you need it
    Have owned several pairs of these for years, work in -30 to -45 regularly for hours on end and they perform like wool should. It is a noticeable difference when you put them on, you better be getting outside, otherwise you will be getting real warm real soon. Though they do get holes in them if you are physically working and stretching in them. Thats what you get from wool, that's my experience my whole life with wool, and thats the way it goes with all real wool clothing. If you want functional warm long johns then these are your ticket to happiness when all the others are huddled in there pickups whining about the cold.
    Reviewed by Joe on 12/8/2018
  • Pricey on your site
    Great long underwear but why is it less expensive from retailers than from your site? Would love to buy directly from your site but the price is nearly double what my local retailer sells for.

    - Thanks for your question. The pricing that we quote on our website is Manufactures suggested retail selling price. From time to time our partners offer their customers specials and promotions so there are certainly occasions where you can find a better price from your local retailer. Choice is a good thing. Thanks for supporting our brand.
    Sincerely Stanfields Customer Service
    Reviewed by Mike on 11/24/2018
  • Superwash wool long underwear
    Best buy I made this year. With the early onset of winter, these arrived just in time. I find them light but warm and comfortable. They are easy to care for and retain their shape and size. I am glad I bought two pairs. I am an older person and get cold easily but not in these. No sweating inside either.
    Reviewed by Charlie on 11/19/2018
  • Fiber content please.
    I would like to know the fiber content on this garment. I don't see on this page. Can you please add the percentage of fiber type ? e.g.
    20% nylon, 30% acrylic, 50% merino wool. Thanks

    - Thank you Charles for your review. We have updated the description on this item to include the fiber type information of 90% Merino Wool / 10% Nylon.
    Sincerely, Stanfields customer service team.
    Reviewed by Charles on 11/12/2018
  • Best long underwear available
    I have been wearing the superwash merino wool long underwear from Stanfields for almost 10 years. They keep you warm without sweating when you're indoors and they're very comfortable. They are very easy to care for, I just throw them in the regular wash cycle. I do hang them to dry although you can put them in the dryer as well. I find they dry within a couple hours and I feel they last longer this way.

    Everyone should own at least one pair but two is even better. I couldn't live without them now.
    Reviewed by Craig on 10/31/2018

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