Men's Onesie - Two Layer Wool Combination Underwear

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Men's Onesie - Two Layer Wool Combination Underwear

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The 2 layer fabric of this union suit is a unique jersey knit that offers you the ultimate in warmth and comfort. The inner layer is a blend of 50% cotton and 50% polyester for absorbency and softness. The outer layer is a blend of 50% merino wool and 50% polyester that offers you warmth and strength. The space between layers insulates, trapping warm air from your body. These layers give you one of the warmest garments you can put next to your skin. This men’s onesie features anti-microbial treatment for added performance, set in sleeves with rib cuffs, a full button front and "trap door” on back with button closure.

Made in Canada.

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  • Excellent!!
    These are just as described. They are warm, have a great soft finish and colour. They are also sized correctly making on-line ordering without risk.
    Reviewed by Serge on 12/27/2018
  • Amazing classic
    These are unparalleled in quality and comfort and made in Nova Scotia!
    Reviewed by Woolisbest on 12/26/2018
  • Perfect
    They fit perfectly right out of the bag. Well made, warm but not too warm. Washed and air dried with minimal shrinking. Fit me at 6' and 176#, arm and leg length also perfect. Paid a bit more than the cheap stuff but they are really worth it. 9c on a motorcycle with these under my kevlar jeans and I was comfortable.
    Reviewed by OttawaJean on 10/11/2018
  • Warm all day comfort.
    Comfortable enough to sleep in and a great base layer for winter activity. I enjoy how the one piece design keeps out the cold drafts. The sleeves are also long enough which is sometimes hard to find. Over all great piece and would buy again.
    Reviewed by Yeti on 9/7/2018
  • There’s Nothing Like It, At Present
    I own three pairs of the 50/50 blend union suit—pictured here—as well as three pairs of the lighter, all-merino version and I recommend both. Forget about the price—a working man (maybe woman too, I’m only speaking from experience) can wear these woolies for four or five days before they stink. Cotton or poly waffle net underwear won’t last ‘till the end of the day. There’s the difference there, explained. Wear your union suit, hang it up at night to air out, and it’s fine for your next shift. The all-merino union suit lasts even longer before stinking because it doesn’t have polyester, but it’s a hair less warm too, (best for shoulder seasons.) On the deadly cold days—we’re talkin’ -35 C and below— I layer an all merino base layer union suit underneath the red 50/50 pictured here! (Coordinating two backdoors can be tricky for the novice when layering two union suits, but it beats freezing in some cheap stinky polyester pair of “thermals”.). These union suits are priced for their quality and uniqueness in the market, (no one else makes ‘em). The only repair I’ve had to make after years of service is to the buttonholes: they get a bit boffed out over time (consider that I wear them for twelve hours a day for at least five months of the year.) Two final points: 1, if you go indoors, let’s say to a bar after your shift, and you’re a bit warm, you can remove your overshirt and make quite the fashion statement with your red union suit.
    2, these are made in Truro, N.S.
    Reviewed by M.G.MacKinnon on 9/6/2018
  • Love these!
    These are the only brand I will purchase. Soft cotton and incredibly warm.
    Reviewed by Mark on 9/5/2018
  • Excellent winter wear
    This winter wear should be standard for all men living in climates where the temperature descends below 30F (-2C). It is well made with attention to details, like strongl y fastened buttons, good finish to garment. I recommend it highly if you can afford the rather high price.
    Reviewed by socoh on 7/7/2018

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