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Women's Base layers

Our Made in Canada women's base layer tops and leggings. Whether you're at work, play, or lounge, these items will keep you comfortable.

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Women's Chill Chasers Superwash Base LayerWomen's Chill Chasers Superwash Base Layer
Women’s Chill Chasers Superwash LeggingsWomen’s Chill Chasers Superwash Leggings
Women's Chill Chasers Cotton Rib Base Layer TopWomen's Chill Chasers Cotton Rib Base Layer Top
Women’s Chill Chasers Cotton Rib LeggingsWomen’s Chill Chasers Cotton Rib Leggings
Women's Merino Wool Base Layer
Women's Two-Layer Legging with Wool
Women's Crewneck Shirt with Wool
Women's Chill Chasers Merino Wool Leggings