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Engineered Winter Essentials

Uncompromised warmth and performance. Our wool and fleece base layers were engineered to keep you comfortable and dry during extreme cold. Find your adventure.

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Men's HeatFX Merino Wool Bottom
Save $18.00Men's HeatFX Merino Blend Base Layer - FrontMen's HeatFX Merino Blend Base Layer - Side
Men's HeatFX Merino Base Layer Top Sale price$42.00 Regular price$60.00
Save $14.70Men's HeatFX Microfibre Leggings - FrontMen's HeatFX Microfibre Leggings - Back
Men's HeatFX Microfibre Bottom Sale price$34.30 Regular price$49.00
Men's HeatFX Microfibre Base LayerMen's HeatFX Microfibre Base Layer - Package
Performance Microfleece Leggings - FrontPerformance Microfleece Leggings - Back
Men's Expedition Bottom Sale price$64.00
Women's Chill Chasers Merino Wool Leggings
Women's Merino Wool Base Layer
Expedition Windguard
Expedition Windguard Sale price$32.00
Expedition Balaclava
Expedition Balaclava Sale price$32.00
Expedition Fleece Toque
Expedition Fleece Toque Sale price$32.00
Expedition Long Neck Balaclava
Women's Chill Chasers Heavy Weight Fleece LeggingsWomen's Chill Chasers Heavy Weight Fleece Leggings