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Austin Hodinsky

Brand Ambassador Bio

Stanfield's Brand Ambassador - Austin Hodinsky

Name: Austin Hodinsky
Location: Calgary, AB
Instagram: @canadianoutdooradvn

Favourite Stanfield's Piece: I have to say the expedition base layer for your top and bottom! They are soft, warm and incredible comfortable and they really made my winter work and adventures more enjoyable. The fabric is incredibly soft and if I never had to take them off I wouldn't. I am hooked!

About me: I am from a small town in Northern Alberta and recently because of Covid and a few other factors I have found myself pursuing a new career in winemaking in the Okanagan Valley. Growing up in a small town my parents pushed me to try new things and that is when I found my love for the outdoors as well as sports. When I was not playing sports we filled our free time with the outdoors hiking, camping, fishing, quading and anything else that kept us out of the house. Now that I am out in the real world I am trying to take my passions out to the Okanagan and I am trying to explore my new back yard.

Favourite Outdoor Activity: Right now I would have to say mountain biking. I went on a mountain biking trip a few years ago and have not looked back, I AM HOOKED!

Fun fact: I once caught two fish using only a single hook. I know it is hard to believe but this is not a fish story.