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Jessica Hodder

Brand Ambassador Bio

Stanfield's Brand Ambassador - Jessica Hodder

Name: Jessica Hodder
Location: Upper Rawdon, NS
Instagram: @hoddery.hollow

Favourite Stanfield's Piece: 2-Pack Cotton Socks (I’ve got cold feet but a warm heart)

About Me: I live in beautiful Rawdon, Nova Scotia which is best known for being the place you pass through to get somewhere else and Stan Rogers writing a song about gold we can’t find. We have a hobby farm here with chickens, goats, gardens and a sugar shack for making maple syrup. In my day job I work as a mental health nurse, and I dream of a time when people will be able to access care without stigma as a barrier. In my off hours I create whimsical pottery pieces in my home studio, called Hoddery Pottery.

Favourite Outdoor Activity: Baby goat yoga. Smiles and laughter are 100% guaranteed.

Fun Fact: I’m an excellent hula hooper.