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Kamryn Findlay

Brand Ambassador Bio

Stanfield's Brand Ambassador - Kamryn Findlay

Name: Kamryn Findlay
Location: River Philip, NS
Instagram: @kamfindlay

Favourite Stanfield's Piece: Women's Merino Wool Base Layers

About me: Hi folks! My name is Kam and I’m from River Philip, Nova Scotia! I grew up in Springhill, Nova Scotia and I enjoy exploring all nooks and crannies of our rugged province. I studied at the Faculty of Agriculture and I am passionate about supporting local, conservation of aquatic habitats, and giving back to my rural community. I am so excited to be a part of this year’s ambassador team and put their products to the test while out adventuring!

Favourite Outdoor Activity: My favorite outdoor adventures include hiking with my dog Hank, fishing trout and bass, rock hounding, chopping wood, bird watching, gardening, and snowshoeing! I love working outdoors with my chickens and chainsaw.

Fun fact: In my free time, I train and compete as a professional level lumberjack! I love to challenge myself and train hard to compete in events such as underhand and standing block chopping, single buck sawing, stock saw, axe throw, and bow sawing. You can check out my lumberjack adventures on Facebook.