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Care Instructions

Help your clothes stand the test of time

While we pride ourselves on the quality of every garment we make, time and wear do take a toll on your garments. Properly caring for your Stanfield’s garments can drastically improve their recovery, longevity and comfort. Taking good care of cleaning, drying and storing your clothing will make them look new for longer and help them stand the test of time. We want you to get as much as possible out of each and every one of our pieces and are here to help you make that happen.

Caring for wool

Wool is one of the oldest fibre types used here at Stanfield’s and one that has certainly proven it can stand the test of time.

To get the longest and most vibrant life out of your wool garments there are some additional steps to add to your normal laundry routine.

In general, we recommend washing in cold water (30°C), laying flat to dry and to reshape the layer(s). This will allow the fibres to recover to their original shape and bring out the best of the natural resilience and spring of wool. Do not bleach your wool.

Once your wool is completely dry, it can be aired out inside or outside for a fresh new start. We recommend gently folding and storing your knitted wool garments in drawers as a best practice.

Your wool can be machine dried but does run the risk of shrinking if done. We always recommend laying flat to dry whenever possible. If you choose to iron your wool, always do it at a low temperature (never exceeding 110°C). For professional dry-cleaning, dry-clean, normal cycle, any cycle other than trichloroethylene.

But what about moths? If you are storing your wool long-term and not using regularly or storing in your daily-use closet, there are precautionary steps you can take to best store your garments. Food stains and body oils can attract moths. Before long-term storage, ensure your garment is clean and always store in airtight bags or containers. You may also choose to apply a moth repellent to your garments but remember not to place them directly on the garment.

Caring for cotton/polyester

Our trusted blend of cotton and polyester has been keeping Canadians comfortable for generations. These are our suggested care instructions to get the most out of your new Stanfield’s shirt.

On its own, cotton can shrink when washed or for true sizing, can be preshrunk during the manufacturing process. A cotton/polyester blend is far less likely to shrink than a 100% cotton garment. Our blend combines the natural lightweight breathability of cotton with the durability and wrinkle resistance of polyester.

Our blended garments are very versatile and flexible when it comes to caring for them. These garments can be washed and dried at almost any temperature with no worries of shrinking or damaging.

For the best results, we recommend washing in cold water (30°C), not using bleach and tumble drying at a low heat permanent press setting. If you prefer to iron your blended garments, we recommend doing so at a low temperature (never exceeding 110°C). For professional dry-cleaning, dry-clean, normal cycle, any cycle other than trichloroethylene.

Garment Specific Care

For specific care instructions for your garment, always refer to the inside tag of the item and follow the listed instructions. Reference our complete care instruction symbol guide below:

Components/Machine Wash Permanent Press Machine wash, permanen t press Components/Bleach Bleach Components/Chlorine Bleach Chlorine bleach Components/Hand Wash Normal Hand wash, normal Components/Do Not Bleach Do not bleach Components/Do Not Dry Do not dry Components/Do Not Iron Do not iron Components/Do Not Steam Do not steam Components/Do Not Tumblr Dry Do not tumble dry Components/Do Not Wash Do not wash Components/Do Not Wet Clean Do not wet clean Components/Do No Wring Do not wring Components/Drip Dry in Shade Drip dry in shade Components/Drip Dry Drip dry Components/Dry Flat in Shade Dry flat in shade Components/Dry Flat Dry flat Components/Iron High Temp Iron, high temp Components/Iron Low temp Iron, low temp Components/Iron Medium Temp Iron, medium temp Components/Iron Iron Components/Line Dry in Shade Line dry in shade Components/Line Dry Line dry Components/Machine Wash Delicate Machine wash, delicate Components/Machine Wash Normal Machine wash, normal Components/Natural Dry Natural dry Components/Non-Chlorine Bleach Non- chlorine bleach Components/Shade Dry Shade dry Components/Steam Steam Components/Tumble Dry High Temp Tumble dry, high temp Components/Tumble Dry Low Temp Tumble dry, low temp Components/Tumble Dry Medium Temp Tumble dry, medium temp Components/Tumble Dry No Heat Tumble dry, no heat Components/Tumble Dry Normal Tumble dry, normal Components/Wash at or below 30C Wash at or below 30°C Components/Wash at or below 40C Wash at or below 40°C Components/Wash at or below 50C Wash at or below 50°C Components/Wash at or below 60C Wash at or below 60°C Components/Wash at or below 70C Wash at or below 70°C Components/Wash at or below 95C Wash at or below 95°C Components/Wet Clean Delicate Wet clean, delicate Components/Wet Clean Very Delicate Wet clean, very delicate Components/Wet Clean Wet clean Components/Wring Wring Components/Dry Clean Any Solvent Dry clean, any solvent Components/Dry Clean Low Heat Dry clean, low heat Components/Dry Clean No Steam Dry clean, no steam Components/Dry Clean Petroleum Only Delicate Dry clean, petroleum only delicate Components/Dry Clean Petroleum Only Very Delicate Dry clean, petroleum only very delicate Components/Dry Clean Petroleum Only Dry clean, petroleum only Components/Dry Clean Reduce Moisture Dry clean, reduce moisture Components/Dry Clean Short Cycle Dry clean, short cycle Components/Dry Clean Dry clean Components/Dry Clean Any Solvent Except Trichloroethylene Delicate Dry clean, any solvent except trichloroe -thylene, delicate Components/Dry Clean Any Solvent Except Trichloroethylene Very Delicate Dry clean, any solvent except trichloroe -thylene, very delicate Components/Dry Clean Any Solvent Except Trichloroethylene Dry clean, any solvent except trichloroe -thyleneComponents/Do Not Dry Clean Do not dry clean