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An entirely natural and renewable fibre that brings comfort and softness to another level. Our merino collection is moisture wicking, odour resistant, breathable, temperature regulating, flame retardant, stain resistant, and anti-wrinkle.

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Men's Performance Merino Wool Base Layer - FrontMen's Performance Merino Wool Base Layer - Back
Men's Merino Wool Base Layer Sale price$100.00 USD
Men's HeatFX Merino Blend Base Layer - FrontMen's HeatFX Merino Blend Base Layer - Side
Men's HeatFX Merino Base Layer Sale price$48.00 USD
Men's Performance Merino Wool Leggings - FrontMen's Performance Merino Wool Leggings - Back
Men's Merino Wool Bottoms Sale price$100.00 USD
Men's Two-Layer Long Underwear
Men's Onesie Two Layer Wool Combination UnderwearMen's Two-Layer Wool Onesie
Men's Two-Layer Wool Onesie Sale priceFrom $96.00 USD
Men's Merino Blend Two-Layer HenleyMen's Merino Blend Two-Layer Henley
Men's Tall Two-Layer Long Underwear
Two layer shirtTwo layer shirt
Men's Two-Layer Wool Blend Base Layer Sale priceFrom $48.00 USD
Merino Wool Blend Trail Sock - 2 PackMerino Wool Blend Trail Sock - 2 Pack
Merino Wool Rib ToqueMerino Wool Rib Toque
Merino Wool Rib Toque Sale price$48.00 USD
Strong & Free™ Merino Wool Rib ToqueStrong & Free™ Merino Wool Rib Toque
Strong & Free™ Merino Wool ToqueStrong & Free™ Merino Wool Toque
Women's Merino Wool Base Layer
Women's Chill Chasers Merino Wool Leggings