Project Covid-19: Now Hiring Sewing Operators


April 3, 2020

We are in unique and challenging times as a town, country and global community. The current global pandemic has created major shortages in essential medical & safety supplies that are vital to helping to flatten the curve and overcome these challenges.

With the help of both the Nova Scotia Provincial government and the Federal government of Canada, we have retooled our 5th generation family business to do whatever we can to help our fellow Canadians and neighbours through this. We are dedicated to being part of the solution and to finding innovative paths forward, but we need your help.

Project COVID-19 at Stanfield's Ltd.

We are now hiring for over 50 sewing operator positions (combination of full-time and part-time) to increase our sewing capacity to meet the massive supply shortage of essential personal protective equipment (PPE) here in Nova Scotia and across the country. 

For full details on the position and to apply, please click here.

For any media requests or if you can help our efforts, please contact Executive Assistant, Tami MacKenzie.

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