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Stanfield's PPE Manufacturing

Frontline & Essential workers continue to tirelessly work to keep Canadians protected, fed, warm and connected. Here at Stanfield's we continue to work around the clock to help in keeping those workers safe on the job.

In August, our amazing team reached an historic milestone of producing and shipping our 2,000,000th gown to frontline & essential workers across the country. These were part of the Prime Minster's initial announcements early on in this fight and went directly to the Federal Government of Canada and the Provincial Government of Nova Scotia. We're incredibly proud of this achievement but it's only the beginning. 

Fast forward to October and we're fast approaching our 3,000,000th gown and have also tackled reusable non-medical masks. With the help and expertise of sewers all across the Atlantic provinces, including within our factory, we've been able to manufacture approximately 80,000 masks here in Canada.

Stanfield's Reusable Masks

Our team have worked non-stop to provide as much needed PPE as possible and have gained immense pride from being able to step-up, as a company and as individuals, during this unprecedented time of need for our neighbours and all Canadians. 

We have been overwhelmed with the messages of thanks, appreciation and goodwill that have poured in from around the country and even from Canadians living abroad.

To the Frontline & Essential workers across the country, we are forever grateful. To Canadians everywhere, thank you for caring for one another every single day and doing everything you can to help all Canadians through the pandemic.

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